2019 - Rally Time Again


Another year has come around

It's rally time again

Exhibits taken out of sheds

The rallies they're the same


At Castle Combe we hope that you

will like what is in store

We've Vintage Cars and Motorbikes

and Engine by the score


The people here that make the show

have worked so very hard

Restoring things in garden sheds

worktops and their backyards


Smart vehicles and Vintage Bikes

are here for you to see

Farm Tractors, Lorries and Machines

the owvers show with glee


The auto jumble for the men

The cradt tent for the gals

You meet up with new people here

and also, long lost pals


Again, we are supporting

Our friends at Jessie May

with boxes to collect your change

to help them on their way


Although it may seem very sad

these people have a goal

It is to give hospice at home

for every special soul


So, by coming here to our new show

Your entry free will cheer

the cause and work of this great band

to families through the year


A thank you from the rally team

for coming to the show

A safe trip home we wish to you

as homeward bound you go.


By David Sharpe


2016 - Rally Time Again



We've made a request for the sun to shine

Cos w're hoping the show will be sublime

Supporting Jessie May is our aim

Castle Combe Steam Rally is our name


31 years of pleasing we've done

But in some way the work's just begun

seeking fresh ways to present through our team

All the wonders of vintage and steam


The committee, always working their best

Eating lunch on the hoof, not stopping to rest

Inspiration, energy, dedictation, and then some

Each brings to the rally, till the weekend is done


Stout shoes are needed to cover the ground

You'll find as you wonder there's lots to be found

With masses of steam, both small and big

And Fairground Organs playing a jig


Tractors and Motorbikes plenty for you

we've Stationary Engines, though just a few

A Craft Tent and Models and sweeties and more

With the Main Event Ring right at the core


There are Flowers, Farm Animals and Take-away Food

With 99 Ice-Cream enhancing the mood

Just what is needed to help you sustain

And be very thankful it's not going to rain


We've put out the call for lots to attend

Cos we've our reputation to defend

Thank you once again and we'll see you soon

For your coming here has been a boon

2015 - 30 Years A Rally


The year was 1985

Some thirty years ago

When some line-minded folk decided

To start a vintage show


Like-minded people came along

To form a show committee

A site was found to stage the show

In the country not the city


An advert formed to mark the show

The time and date were booked

Forms to enter were sent out

Enthusiasts were hooked


Entries came from far and wide

Tractors, Cars and Bikes

All ready to put on a show

To see what people like


The weather fine, the people glad

That all was going well

The public came to see the show

And make the coffers swell


A greet weekend was had by all

And all went home with cheer

They asked if there would be a show

Same time, same place next year


Because the show was a success

A profit it was seen

To clic a part of it was sent

To help the cancer team


The first show was a hit with all

A second was arranged

With more Exhibits and Displays

The format was not changed


A charity was sought

Air Ambulance, the one

Arrangements they were put in place

The next show was begun


The show it was again a hit

And bigger than the last

A gift to help the cause was sent

As we did in the past


And so this year we go again

A show put on for you

Good causes to donate some funds

This year is something new


The cause this year is Jessie May

A charitable Trust

To help young people who are ill

And parent, it's a must


We hope you have enjoyed the show

And want to come once more

To see Exhibits new and old

Trans Stands and Stall galore

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